About - Nastassia Alvarez

Hello there! 

I'm Nastassia, the photographer behind NAA Photography. 

I've always loved a good story; growing up, I was known for having my face in a book and a growing library at home. I would learn the best route between classes so I could read during that brief 5 minute walk without looking up from the pages - I was quite proud of that skill!

When I wasn't reading, I was making movies with anything I could find at home and my dad's home movie camera, or watching through his library of movies. It wasn't until later that I realized I could merge those two passions, telling stories through film. 

I learned how to capture moments, stories all around me, on video. Photography grew naturally from there.

Photography, unlike film, has the unique ability to capture a literal moment in time - just one glimpse of an instant - forever preserved. That gaze, that smile, that second of the clock, now forever with you.

I love to capture those stories. I would be honored to capture yours.

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